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       Why asking for a BEA service?


I'm Giovanna, a linguist specialized in bilingualism and mother of two bilingual children.                

With BEA I want to share my knowledge and competences with you.                                    

Bilingualism means to live with more than one language, so it's not limited to just two, but it involves trilinguals, quadrilinguals and so on.

BEA is born after many years of studying and personal experience with raising bilingual children. Bilingual education is a real life philosophy, a family project that needs all your energy and your commitment. The good news is that you are not alone, there are many parents and children out there using daily more than one language and now you can benefit of professional support from BEA!

Information about bilingualism is unfortunately still very poor and misleading nowadays. Some believe that bilinguals have a perfect command of their languages, or that they can only be exposed to their languages from very early age in order to be called bilinguals... others fear that bilingualism cause confusion, speech delay, or can jeopardize academic achievement. Very few know about the research based findings about bilingualism. Advantages at metalinguistic and cognitive level have been identified in bilinguals compared to monolingual peers. Bilinguals seem to have a cognitive reserve for their late years with longer healthy brain. Learning to read and write in one language helps literacy in other languages, too. Bilinguals, on the other hand, usually develop each of their languages according to their needs, therefore they cannot be considered as the sum of two monolinguals. Balanced bilinguals are rare. Most of bilinguals have knowledge of their languages in different domains and their proficiency can vary along their lifetime.

All these aspects have a strong impact on practical strategies to adopt when we decide to raise our child bilingual. Which approach should we use? How should we face certain situations, how to behave in others? The answer to your questions mainly depends on:

·         the target you aim to reach

·         the specific situation of your family

With BEA I can make part of your journey throughout bilingualism, you will get personalized support and answers to doubts, questions, fears, and we will celebrate your success !     

          What is bilingualism?

Bilingualism means living with two or more languages. 

Raising a bilingual child is a challange involving the whole family. You can be bilingual having a passive knowledge of a second language or speaking more then one language fluently. All is to know your goals. If you speak more languages in your family and you wish to raise your children bilingual, you'll encounter several myths and prejudices about it. There are lots of false beliefs around bilingualism and you need to have correct information about it. Research has pointed out a

number of advantages of bilingualism. Fears and doubts can be addressed to make bilingualism a positive experience for the whole family.

Raising a bilingual child is a family project which requires committment and a plan according to your own specific needs. Not all the children are the same and not all the family live the same situations. All your questions and concerns will find an answer and professional support at BEA service, a specialized service for multilingual and multicultural families.





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