Hi, I'm Giovanna, I'm Italian, living in Luxembourg already many years. In our bi-national family we have being raising our two children bilingual Italian-Dutch with success

I'm a linguist, specialized in Bilingualism with a Master's degree, besides several academic courses in related fields (psychology, bilingual brain, child development, learning in two languages).

Years ago, I founded an afternoon school for Italian bilingual children in Luxembourg to give them the opportunity to keep up with their minority language and their cultural roots. I'm currently PHD candidate in bilingualism at the Luxembourg University within the Education, Culture, Cognition and Society Research Unit and I work as a lecturer at the University of Trier (Germany) teaching Italian language and culture. Author of articles about bilingualism and culture, as well as of a short stories book (in Italian) featuring different situations of bilingualism and biculturalism (see booktrailer below).

Should you have any general question about the service I offer, please get in touch with me through this Contact me form. I'm also available for speeches for groups and schools.

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My book- il mio libro

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